Fun Shots from Michigan 2015

The Great Lakes are indeed Great and make for a beautiful summer holiday! While working in Michigan this year I enjoyed much of local Midwestern flavors and attitudes. Without a doubt Michiganders are some of the kindest and most friendly people I have ever encountered. Thumbs up to Michigan!

Thanks to my hosts: Amber and Kim Elve for visits to Grand Rapids; and to fellow yoga teacher Tracy Flynn and Christopher for a great Halloween weekend!

And thank you, Michigan, for the fond memories.


Spring in Michigan

The United States is a very large landmass. Anyone who has driven across it, be it North to South or East to West, has spent many hours “on the road”. Since the majority of my life experience has been in the southern half of the U.S., arriving for March in Michigan has been a slightly different Spring experience. The following are scenes of the Michigan landscape near the village of Vanderbilt, 65 miles from the junction of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Snow and ice continue to reign, however this is the perfect time for sapping the maple trees.

Wherever you are this time of year, Nature is abundant in beauty of all variations. Happy Happy Spring!


All Blooms


All Blues” is a jazz composition by Miles Davis first appearing on the influential 1959 album Kind of Blue. The spring weather in Ithaca, NY has prompted this post entitled “All Blooms”. Living in Southern California for half of my life, possibly I am easily impressed by an area that has “full on” spring. That said, I cannot recall being in a place where every tree, bush, flower, and weed is blooming!

In these photos I attempt to offer a tiny vision of this spectacular phenomenon. Certainly the adage “April showers bring May flowers” applies here. There is a pay back for the long months of snow! If anyone has similar experiences in your area I would love to hear from you.

As we head into the longer days of summer I hope everyone has an opportunity to enjoy Nature in all its beautiful forms. Mountains, beaches, desert, woodlands….. get out in Nature and Breathe!!