Moving into 2018

Looking forward to the New Year, acknowledging with honor and appreciation all the growth and opportunity of the passing Year, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

I am excited to join Lisa Marchesini of Shala Yoga Studio in Spring Valley, CA in offering a Yoga Teacher Training Course for 2018. I will be teaching philosophy, yoga history, meditation, and introducing Viniyoga asana, a gentle meditative yoga form. If you would like further information please go to the Shala Yoga website,  Or contact me directly on this site or via text.

Many Blessings! Namaste

Shala YTT

Yoganic Teachers’ Graduate!

After 8 months of study, experimentation with different styles, and practicing yoga together I am pleased to certify six beautiful ladies as Yoga Instructors. The emphasis in the course has been the techniques of the Krishnamacharya lineage which includes rigorous Ashtanga Vinyasa, precise Iyengar techniques, and therapeutic Viniyoga methods. I feel confident that the newly certified Yoga Teachers will have the knowledge to use yoga in ways that will be beneficial to many students by addressing the needs of their students. By meeting the qualifications of the Yoga Alliance, the new instructors can be certified as RYT’s (Registered Yoga Teachers). Please enjoy the photos of our graduation ceremonies and festivities. You can click on the images for a larger view.

Course Instructors: Anne Nowell and Skyler Myers

Course Participants: Samantha Smith, Lisa Marchesini, Anne Nowell, Adesh Kaur, Skyler Myers, Keryna Johnson, Janet Dehart, Jennifer Shultz

Keryna Johnson

Janet Dehart

Jennifer Shultz

Samantha Smith

Adesh Kaur Khalsa

Lisa Marchesini

Artist Laura Rogan gifted the graduates with beautiful henna tattoos.

Kirtan (devotional music) performer, Thierry, performed on sitar and harmonium, leading the group in devotional chanting.

Happy Graduates: Lisa and Adesh

Happy Directors: Anne and Devi Kirn (Yoganic Studio’s Assistant Manager)

Congratulations Ladies!
Please enjoy these new instructors as they offer classes through out San Diego.

End of Course Exam

On a cold December afternoon (yes, even in San Diego there is winter!) our Teacher Training group met to complete their course work with a final exam. In order to become registered as a Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance, there is a specific syllabus involving practical, theoretical, and philosophical criteria. In the past 7 months our group has logged 200 hours of training in the teaching of asana as fitness and therapy,  in studying the necessary philosophical and theoretical foundations of yoga,  and participating in related studies such as Ayurveda and Anatomy.

The photos show the practical teaching portion as well as the written Q&A and essay examinations. I am happy to report that all the candidates did exceptionally well in their exams! Please excuse the poor lighting in the photos.  Stay tuned for graduation!