Family Visiting in 2020, Emerald Isle, NC

2020, the year of big changes for all!  A very welcome change to my life in San Diego is the wonderful reduction of freeway traffic, most likely the result of working and schooling from home.  And for airport traffic? On a recent trip to visit family members in NC, I was relieved to find that social distancing and the increased travel restrictions have made for easier cross country travel. We have to look for the silver lining wherever we can!

Here are photos of a trip to Emerald Isle Beach, which is on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Two of my brothers and I had a nice reunion there. Fishing and barbecue are big past times!  I was also able to  visit with some of my in-law relatives who live and work near the Camp Lejeune Marine base in Jacksonville, NC. It has been some years since visiting any of my family, therefore once again, I am honoring the silver lining of the Covid-19 months. (You can hover over the photos for a caption.)

These are very uncertain times for everyone. If we can take a few moments to remember the suffering of everyone and “walk” in our neighbors shoes for a few steps, could we come closer to realizing the unity of the Global Human Family in which we reside? Many blessings for peace and safety to you all.


The Website 2017

Last night I watched a classic film from 1979 called “Being There” starring Peter Sellers. 1979 was of course prior to the Internet. It is humbling to consider the pace of life today, compared to life “before the Internet”. That acknowledged, it is somewhat impossible to consider life without IT.

I am so blessed here in San Diego to have a reservoir of friends and loved ones who can offer support, advice, and, yes, technical expertise. After much collaborative effort I am happy to unveil my new website 2017. The site designer, Kianna Anvari, whom I met in India this year, has created a lovely yet simple format. Kudos to Kianna for having the patience to work with me! Eric Nunes has also been an integral part of the project; and help from so many others, Louis Haiman, Matthew Taylor, Julia Chen, Elle Larson, and Nolan Thomas, a virtual roll call of advice and support! Did I mention the photography? A very special thank you to Barry Carlton and Felicity Senoski for a super photo shoot!  I hope you will like the end result as much as I do. Take a moment to let me know what you think. Critique is always welcome.



One Year Ends, Another is Well Underway

Most of you know me as the un-technical person that I am. Travel has become a way of life and sitting to do a blog post can at times be difficult. Facebook seems to be the popular form of staying in touch, and since I am not a Facebook post-er, I am comfortable to hide in the shadows of my blog. Still I was somewhat surprised to be reminded that it has been 7 months since my last post. Wow, speaking of out of the loop!

That said, during the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 I traveled along the West Coast returning to San Diego for Christmas. I was in San Diego for 7  weeks during which time I closed my storage locker and reorganized my personal effects. The following photos were taken en-route as I visited with friends and family. Many thanks to my hosts along the way: Valentina Marchetti in Vancouver, Canada, Phil and Karla Lazier in Sacramento, Elle and Gabe Morley-Larson in Pasadena, Mary Jane and Michael Smith in Los Angeles, Nancy Caciola, Felicity and Matt Taylor in San Diego, and Bob and Tami Nowell in San Antonio, TX. Always a big thank you to Stacy Magic for her help with paperwork!  Such a blessing to spend time with these wonderful friends.

I will be heading to north central Michigan to work at a meditation retreat for the spring and summer of 2015. Life on the road as a traveling “sadhu” is not the lifestyle choice for many. It somehow seems to work for me. I wish you all a wonderful spring and summer. I am always happy to hear from friends and former students. May Blessings be with you all!