Good Bye San Diego!

When I arrived to San Diego in 1997 I had no idea that I would sit down permanently, or that I would open a yoga studio. Two studios and 11 years later (!!!) I have tied up the loose ends of my time here and will be moving onto another phase of my life and career. It has been a wonderful blessing and learning experience to live in “America’s Finest City”. The 7 years of owning the Astanga Yoga Centers and the 2 years with the Yoganic Studio have introduced me to many extraordinarily beautiful people. All of you hold a special place in my heart! I do expect that our paths will cross again.

Thank you San Diego! You have truly made my decade!

Please enjoy these photos taken at a “Bon Voyage” event given in the home of Nancy Caciola and Richard Cohen. Muchas Gracias to all you party planners and well wishers! Please click on the photos back and forth for a larger view.

Literally, at the Border

In September as part of the Global Mala Yoga Project, I was invited to attend a gathering for yoga students and friends at the US-Mexican border. This event was sponsored by the Border Meet Up Group as part of their regular programs.  The yoga class, shared through the fence, was intended to bring awareness of border issues and to help establish friendships among yoga students in both countries. My friend, Fergal O`Doherty, brought in the Irish influence to our multinational experience.

Increasing awareness of who and what we are at the level of “Pure Being” is one intention of yoga practice. This level of “Being” is shared by all, irregardless of nationality, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Yoga is a very pertinent technique to help us experience this state of “Being” or to help break through the “borders” of our limiting personal beliefs.

It was a lovely multi-cultural sharing! Muchas gracias to the organizers and participants of this special event. For more information on upcoming Border Meet Up events go to