Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

The first day of summer is upon us. For me, spring has flown by with cross country travel, en route visiting with friends and family. Blog posting (which requires internet connectivity) has been relegated to a back burner. In the coming days my wish is to have the blog posting back up to full boil!

Carlsbad Caverns is not an off the cuff destination. You have to “really want” to get there by driving 120 miles through absolutely undeveloped country side (meaning no gas stations). I was unsure as to the feasibility of venturing this far off the path to view an underground cave. Not to worry, Carlsbad Caverns is an amazing natural wonder!The interior of the caves is very organized with walk ways, facilities, and tour guides. In the following photos you get a glimpse of the grandeur  and the natural beauty of this national park. We are fortunate in the US to have a system that manages and protects our natural wonders. Our tax dollars do help!  If you find yourself in the southwest of the United States, a visit to the Caverns is worth the effort.

For a full view click back and forth on the photos. Happy Summer!

Glacier National Park!

Near the northwestern corner of the United States is the national wonder, Glacier National Park. A definite benefit to seasonal work is the availability to some of the most scenic areas of our country. Montana happens to be home to two of  the more spectacular National Parks, Glacier and Yellowstone. These blog posts may encourage some of you who have the luxury to travel (and it is indeed a luxury) to include Montana as a vacation stop.  Maybe I should write tourist literature for the state of Montana?

My friend Karla from Sacramento came to share with the exploration of Glacier Park. The photos speak for themselves! Our first two days were spent in the VERY remote village of Polebridge, MT, twenty miles from the Canadian border. During the first night of our stay, a black bear broke out the rear window of my car. There was no food in the car, but I had left my hiking boots in a white plastic bag in the rear floorboard. The bear broke into the car, took the shoes out of the bag, and left the shoes in the car having ascertained that they were not edible! Luckily the replacement of the window was not too expensive, however driving five hours back from the Park was a bit breezy. This is such an unlikely occurrence, I feel fortunate that my “bear karma” has been dispelled so easily. As a reminder to anyone traveling in wilderness areas, follow the Park safety guidelines and take bear spray!

From here I will be employed in the ski resort town of Park City, Utah.  Next post from the bunny slopes! Be sure to use the “Back Button” to get the full photo views.

Best wishes for a happy autumn. Please find time to enjoy the Nature around you wherever that may be.

Yellowstone !!

Autumn is here.  Happy Birthday month to you Libras and Scorpios!  As the leaves turn to gold and red, I have been secretly praying that global warming will save me from rumored harsh Wyoming weather. Luckily I have been relocated from an elevation of 8,400 feet down to 7,300 feet, and have been blessed with a living space that has electricity, running water, and a toilet. Ahhh, being thankful for the small things!

Here are some of my photographed memories of Yellowstone National Park.  I have always wanted to visit Yellowstone and due to its geographic isolation have never taken the opportunity. When the current job situation arose, the proximity to Yellowstone was a deciding factor in my coming to Wyoming. My wish is that many of you will have the opportunity to travel to Yellowstone and experience the awesome natural wonders it protects. I do recommend that if you make those plans try NOT to arrive during the summer months when traffic through the Park equates to gridlocked rush hour traffic. Buffaloes parked on the road (as you can see) are a serious road block! Still it is nice to know that many persons are traveling to experience the glories of  Nature’s bounty.

As this blog tends to “resize” the photos, please click the back and forth arrows for a better view. I hope to hear from some of you with your thoughts and memories of Yellowstone Park.  Happy Autumn!