Introduction to Viniyoga in Greenville,SC

On this beautiful May afternoon I had the opportunity to meet and work with the wonderful students at North Main Yoga Center in Greenville, SC. Studio directors, Brian and Liz Delaney, offered their space for an introductory workshop into the techniques of Viniyoga, the yoga of Krishnamacharya in his later life. One foundational aspect of this method is the use of dynamic stretching, moving into and out of a posture before holding the pose. As in other forms of Krishnamacharya`s work, there is emphasis on moving with the flow of the breath. The group did a fabulous job of connecting to the subtle work of the Viniyoga method. Thanks to Liz, Brian, and their group of hardworking students, many of whom will be teaching themselves very soon. I would hope to visit this lovely studio again! When in Greenville stop by and meet these yogis for some quality yoga practice.

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