Granite Rules!

When surrounded by nature, it has been easy for me to appreciate fully the wonder of our physical BEING. The vistas afforded by the Sierras are awe inspiring indeed. In the following photos I have captured (minimally) some of the grandeur of the granite that rules the Sierra landscape. Please click back and forth for a larger viewing.

As a student of yoga and eastern philosophy, I would aspire to appreciate the wonder of our BEING in the midst of the concrete and steel of a modern metropolis. The gridlock traffic, the impatience fueled by caffeine, the pollution given off by millions of bodies and energy producing modalities…. these are a necessity of modern civilization. Finding the balance??

As I retire to study in India for the coming 6 months I would hope to deepen my appreciation of LIFE, be it natural beauty or man made havoc. Stay tuned for news from southern India. I would love to hear from you all during this sabbatical.  Namaste

2 thoughts on “Granite Rules!

  • I enjoyed seeing at the Yoganic closing ceremony. Have a great time with your journey in India.

    Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga off Adams had a Hatha I by Paisely and I tried a Gentle Yoga today. I’m planning to join the studio for a monthly pass. I may continue Iyengar too.

    Thanks for your inspiration. You were my first Yoga teacher.



  • Cool!!!! Love the pics. I am so happy for you! Looks like I will go back up to Joshua Tree to serve at the Vipassana center. BTW-Still no coffee. Love and Light in your Being 🙂


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