To India, With Gratitude

Sabbatical implies a time of rest and reflection; an opportunity to focus on projects or studies that are difficult to undertake during one’s regular work schedule. My sabbatical in India has come and gone in a flash! I am deeply grateful for this time allotted to study and immersion into Indian culture, whose ancient traditions continue to thrive within its modern lifestyle.

I have attempted in this blog journal to share with you a small part of my experience. As I am “technology” challenged, many stories have been left untold. In this final blog from India, these are photos that could easily have been made into individual posts. When next we meet in the States, I would hope to share many more of the “untold” stories. Till then, thanks for being a part of my journey!

May All Beings Be Happy (that includes us)!

For a larger view, click back and forth on the photos.

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