Among Friends

Six weeks in San Diego have flown by.  I am fortunate to have many beautiful friends in San Diego and, indeed, it does feel like home. As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.

Muchas Gracias to all the beautiful event participants. Since the material covered was largely philosophical, I hope that everyone came away with new concepts to ponder. Thanks to Adesh Khalsa, the Kundinyasa Teacher Trainees, and to the Mystic Water Kava Studio for hosting me with Vedic Chanting and History of Yoga. Likewise, thanks to Duke Doudna and Yoga Oasis for sponsoring Energy Anatomy and to Oreste Prada for the photos. Teaching what one loves is truly a blessing!

Here are some of the highlights from this time spent with friends. Now I am off to the frontier lands of Montana. Thank goodness for Facebook (it is a way to stay in touch, even though increasing commercial!). Blessings for a beautiful spring wherever this finds you. I will probably find snow in Montana! Surely there will be some great photos. 🙂

Please click back and forth on the photos for the full images.


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