I “Heart” Montana

Memorial Day is usually the kickoff into summer. Graduations, schools are winding down, and families are planning their vacations. I am fortunate to be living in a beautiful part of our country and will hope to experience some of the summer fun here in Montana. In these photos I have examples of two Montana activities… mountain hiking and exploring “ghost towns”.

As local history goes, there were many small towns established in the 1800’s usually as mining towns. When the mines turned unprofitable people moved on, leaving the “towns” in their wake. These photos are from Virginia City, Montana which is a deserted town preserved by the State. For those interested in the Gold Mining Boom Days, the artifacts here are superb. One has to appreciate the pioneering spirit of the people at that time, our not too distant great grand relatives. Memorial Day kudos to them all! As for the hiking, well, the pictures tell the story.

Please click back and forth on the photos for a better view. My Photo Shop skills are negligible!

Have a wonderful summer wherever you are.  Blessings and Love from the Frontier!

2 thoughts on “I “Heart” Montana

  • Anne! Strange that you are in Montana and I am backin SD! I am getting married on June 12th in the “Om” cave at sunset cliffs – not far from the old Point Loma studio started.

    Living in Bend Oregon now, and just finished directing the first YogaSlackers Teacher Training and telling stories of you.

    Hope this finds you well. Nice to read your blog and see where are are and have been. Thanks for all the inspiration and education over th years.



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