Hello to Spring… Good Bye to Utah!

As the saying goes,  “April showers bring May flowers”.  In the case of higher elevations, “April spring snows will bring out the May tulips and daffodils.” In the closing weeks of my time in Park City, Utah we have had several incidents of spring snow. Down the hill in Salt Lake City, the tulips are already in full splendor.

These photos were taken at Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi, Utah. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. It was well worth the trip down the mountain to experience all the blossoms set amid the sculpture gardens.

Now that my winter job is complete I have lined up a summer job in the Appalachian Mountains on the border of SC and NC. I will be working for “Wild Water Adventures”, a river rafting company on the Chattooga River in SC. As I make my way across our great country I will be camping and visiting relatives.  With anticipation of some great adventure, I am “On the Road Again”. Possibly we will meet somewhere along the way?

Good Bye to the West (for now)! Thanks for the memories!

Click back and forth on the images for the full view.

2 thoughts on “Hello to Spring… Good Bye to Utah!

  • Hi Anne,
    I’ve been thinking about you so much today I decided to do a search online and SOOOO happy to have found you!

    What a great journey you have had. It’s been wonderful to read and “catch up” I love your comments about teaching. I miss our rich conversations we shared when you were here in San Diego.

    Many blessings to you. Feel free to email me.



  • Beautiful pictures. Hope you are settled and enjoying the next part in your journey. I have mail, so please send me an address when you can.



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