Summer in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

The “traveling yogi” within me is most happy when discovering and exploring  new territory. I had not heard of Pagosa Springs, CO prior to accepting the work study position at the Tara Mandala Buddhist Retreat Center. What a lovely surprise! In the southwest corner of Colorado, this village of approximately 9,000 is surrounded by the lower Rocky Mountains. The area has active hot springs, and as seen in these photos, the springs are a tourist highlight. Mineral deposits known as “frozen waterfalls” dot the San Juan River, with resorts catering to the bathing visitors. My favorite local spot is the Healing Waters Hotel and Resort where for $10 (can you do anything for $10?) you can soak in 3 different pools with temperatures ranging from 95 up to 110 degrees. The outdoor 104 degree pool is my favorite. Not for those of you with Ayurvedic Pita constituencies!

The summer at 7,500 feet is fabulous. Winter? We will see what Divine Mother has up her sleeve. Next up will be news from the Buddhist Retreat.

Love and Blessings to you all!

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