The Website 2017

Last night I watched a classic film from 1979 called “Being There” starring Peter Sellers. 1979 was of course prior to the Internet. It is humbling to consider the pace of life today, compared to life “before the Internet”. That acknowledged, it is somewhat impossible to consider life without IT.

I am so blessed here in San Diego to have a reservoir of friends and loved ones who can offer support, advice, and, yes, technical expertise. After much collaborative effort I am happy to unveil my new website 2017. The site designer, Kianna Anvari, whom I met in India this year, has created a lovely yet simple format. Kudos to Kianna for having the patience to work with me! Eric Nunes has also been an integral part of the project; and help from so many others, Louis Haiman, Matthew Taylor, Julia Chen, Elle Larson, and Nolan Thomas, a virtual roll call of advice and support! Did I mention the photography? A very special thank you to Barry Carlton and Felicity Senoski for a super photo shoot!  I hope you will like the end result as much as I do. Take a moment to let me know what you think. Critique is always welcome.



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