Onto Into Utah

Indeed! It is Park City, Utah; essentially a suburb of Salt Lake City, just 25 miles up into the mountains. Judging by the pricey restaurants, the number of Lexus, and the amount of observable cosmetic surgery, I would guess we have the Utah equivalent of Beverly Hills or La Jolla. Having never spent time in a ski resort, as we move into the shortest days of the year there is the potential here for an interesting winter. A local joke, “What do you call a snowboarder without a girlfriend?” Answer, “Homeless!!”  Ahhhh…..

In this first post from Utah I have focused primarily on the mascot of Park City, the Moose. Apparently the animal lives in the surrounding area and on occasion wanders through the neighborhoods in search of foliage. These art works were auctioned by the City in a fund raiser some 15 years ago. They are a delightful addition to the local color.

The resorts have the snow machines in full gear. The City is in preparation for the population explosion. And the weather seems to be aligning itself with predictions of snow, snow, and more snow. For a resident of Southern California, I anticipate a bit of a wintery learning curve!

For larger viewing images, click back and forth on the photos.

I wish for you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving, remembering the inter-connectedness of all life in your prayers.


Crow Summer Pow Wow

We are nearing September and the summer has flown by! I have really enjoyed participating in the many outdoor activities offered in Montana.  As home to seven Native American reservations, with an enrolled population of over 4000, Montana in summer offers its Tribes the opportunity to get together and celebrate. This was my first experience of a Native American Pow Wow and I was truly enthralled! The Pow Wow was held on the Crow Reservation in southeast Montana, just 2 miles from the site of the Battle of  Little Big Horn. The festival involved Tribal dance competitions, a rodeo for adults and kids, and daily parades.

Since this was a party for people of Native heritage (of which I am not), I tried to be respectful with the photography. These photos were taken in full sun and are not the best quality, but you get an idea of the pageantry.  It was an amazing event! I appreciate the Crow’s willingness to allow for “pale face” observers. Do click back and forth on the images to get the full view.

Enjoy the remainder of your “dog days” and have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!


Welcome Creek Hiking

Summer in southwest Montana!  Here are sample photos of  hiking in the Lolo National Forest. As the snow is still melting in the upper elevations, there is a lot of fast moving water. A creek by any other name would be a river!

I hope everyone of you is having an eventful and fun summer. Do try to find a pause for quality time in Nature, the pause that truly refreshes.

Blessings for continuing health and happiness!