Hello to Spring… Good Bye to Utah!

As the saying goes,  “April showers bring May flowers”.  In the case of higher elevations, “April spring snows will bring out the May tulips and daffodils.” In the closing weeks of my time in Park City, Utah we have had several incidents of spring snow. Down the hill in Salt Lake City, the tulips are already in full splendor.

These photos were taken at Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi, Utah. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. It was well worth the trip down the mountain to experience all the blossoms set amid the sculpture gardens.

Now that my winter job is complete I have lined up a summer job in the Appalachian Mountains on the border of SC and NC. I will be working for “Wild Water Adventures”, a river rafting company on the Chattooga River in SC. As I make my way across our great country I will be camping and visiting relatives.  With anticipation of some great adventure, I am “On the Road Again”. Possibly we will meet somewhere along the way?

Good Bye to the West (for now)! Thanks for the memories!

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“Look Again” Sundance Festival 2012

The Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City, Utah in January of every year. The gathering is the largest festival of independent films (meaning self produced, not studio backed) in the US. For 10 days this small city is besieged by approximately 45,000 visitors either involved in the film industry or wanting to be. I am familiar with this subset of “pop” culture having lived in Los Angeles for 11 years, however it was a first to personally experience such an amazing event. In a one sentence summary, it is the yearly ” Olympics” of independent film.

In these photos I attempt to provide a taste of the Festival —- free films (select films for local residents), free music, and lots of promo coffee and gifts.! Of course all venues were packed with several hundred participants. Certainly the bus shuttles (your’s truly as a driver) were standing room only.

On Day 3 we saw the arrival of the first blizzard of the season, dropping 24 inches of snow in 8 hours. Driving a 33 foot bus packed with City Folk revelers in a blinding snow storm is right up there with one of my more memorable adventures. Yes, People, we are talking about walking your walk. In Buddhist philosophy, samsara and nirvana are the same. That translates as “You can be in heaven or hell, it is determined by your state of mind”.  Life has a way of pushing you out of your comfort zone. Hopefully the result is growth, or evolution, as the case may be.

As we move into the spring of 2012, I would hope that your growth experiences are helping you to find your place in nirvana. It would be wonderful to hear about some of your personal adventures. Please click back and forth on the photos as my photo editing skills are minimal!



No Snow !!

Happy Happy 2012!!  The year where it all ends! (from the Mayan philosophical perspective)

The holidays have come and gone and we are into the “winter” of  another year. I have waited some weeks to post in hopes of regaling you with the Winter Wonderland where I currently reside. Alas, it seems I have brought San Diego with me to Utah. We have had a month of temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s which equates to NO SNOW! This makes for very testy winter sports enthusiasts. Still, with snow making equipment, the Resorts soldier on, and skiers and snowboarders remain optimistic. The following shots give you a brief look at what is possible when winter disguises itself as spring. This could mean we are in for a very cold spring; or are the seasons shifting in anticipation of the end of time ??

Best Wishes to you all for the coming year. May your New Year’s Resolutions bring the resolutions anticipated. You can help us out here in Park City, Utah, by envisioning the Winter we are yet to see. Next stop, the Sundance Film Festival.