Welcome Creek Hiking

Summer in southwest Montana!  Here are sample photos of  hiking in the Lolo National Forest. As the snow is still melting in the upper elevations, there is a lot of fast moving water. A creek by any other name would be a river!

I hope everyone of you is having an eventful and fun summer. Do try to find a pause for quality time in Nature, the pause that truly refreshes.

Blessings for continuing health and happiness!

I “Heart” Montana

Memorial Day is usually the kickoff into summer. Graduations, schools are winding down, and families are planning their vacations. I am fortunate to be living in a beautiful part of our country and will hope to experience some of the summer fun here in Montana. In these photos I have examples of two Montana activities… mountain hiking and exploring “ghost towns”.

As local history goes, there were many small towns established in the 1800’s usually as mining towns. When the mines turned unprofitable people moved on, leaving the “towns” in their wake. These photos are from Virginia City, Montana which is a deserted town preserved by the State. For those interested in the Gold Mining Boom Days, the artifacts here are superb. One has to appreciate the pioneering spirit of the people at that time, our not too distant great grand relatives. Memorial Day kudos to them all! As for the hiking, well, the pictures tell the story.

Please click back and forth on the photos for a better view. My Photo Shop skills are negligible!

Have a wonderful summer wherever you are.  Blessings and Love from the Frontier!

Spring in Montana

Greetings Y’all, from the beautiful State of Montana!

I find myself in the spring of 2011 working in Boulder, Montana, a village of approximately 1,300 people. As noted in earlier posts, I feel fortunate to find seasonal work in places which usually close for the winter. Spring and summer, therefore, provide temporary jobs and keep my schedule more free for volunteer work.

After residing in southern California for most of my adult life, it is a treat to live in an area where there are so few people. Boulder is located in the mountains between the cities of Butte and Helena. I am always awed at being on the highway to either of these cities and sharing the road with 2 or 3 other cars!! Life free of the fast lane indeed! Another really attractive feature to the life here is that people are friendly, untrendy (meaning how you dress is unimportant), and seem to mind their own business. I have considered that heaven cannot be much better, but then again I have not had to deal with the winter.

In the following photos you get a taste of the scenery, the spring weather, and my participation at Boulder’s 100th anniversary celebration with my young friend, Leona. Yes, we are waiting for May flowers. Possibly in Montana they come around by July. Wishing you all a truly wonderful spring wherever that may be!

Be sure to click back and forth on the photos to get the full view. I would love to hear from you all, maybe a text from stalled traffic? 🙂