A practitioner of yoga since the 1970's, Anne Nowell holds multiple certificates as a yoga instructor. She has studied directly in India and in the US with Krishnamacharya lineage Yoga Masters, K Pattabhi Jois, TKV Desikachar, BKS lyengar; and Sivananda lineage Master, Swami Vishnudevananda. Focusing on the methods of T Krishnamacharya (the Indian Master responsible for the introduction of yoga vinyasa techniques), Anne is dedicated to sharing yoga as befitting the individual student. Be it rigorous Ashtanga Vinyasa or therapeutic Viniyoga, the practice of yoga should be tailored to the capabilities and goals of each individual.

In her career as a yoga instructor, Anne has taught yoga as sport & dance, as therapy, and as meditation practice in the US and abroad. As a studio owner and director, she has developed a space of introduction and exploration into this ancient wisdom, and has trained others in Teacher Training events.

A member of the Esoteric School of the Theosophical Society and a Kriyaban in the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda, Anne understands the purpose of yoga practice as:

  • the enhancement of powers of discrimination & intuition
  • the release from dysfunctional conscious & subconscious mental tendencies
  • the manifestation of true Self-Knowledge
  • the strength and wellness of body & mind to radiate these developments

These techniques of consciousness-expansion are available to any inquiring person. "Life as a journey, not a destination" is ultimately a conscious step-by-step and breath-to-breath wondrous process of unfoldment.





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