Iyengar Yoga – Use of Props

Iyengar Yoga as developed by the Indian master, BKS Iyengar, is one of the more structured of the yoga asana systems, with great emphasis on precision. As a teenager Mr. Iyengar learned the basics of yoga asana from his teacher, T. Krishnamacharya. He is a nephew of Krishnamacharya by marriage and lived in the household of his teacher for a number of years. Iyengar later went on to study the asanas in great detail through personal practice, and published one of the first comprehensive books about yoga asana, “Light On Yoga” in the 1970’s. The Iyengar tradition uses equipment (or props) as a way of deepening one`s experience in the yoga postures, as well as making use of props in therapeutic situations.

On August 2&3 Yoganic teacher, Kim Kolibri, a certified Iyengar instructor, presented workshops on Iyengar sequencing and use of props. Kim is an especially gifted verbal instructor, inspiring with her understanding and execution of Iyengar’s techniques. In the following photos we have documented some of the work and “play” of our Teacher Training group on this weekend. Click on the photos if you wish a larger view.

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