Teaching with the Hands & Voice

In the Ashtanga Vinyasa system the primary style of study as taught by Master Teacher Pattabhi Jois at his Indian yoga shala (school) in Mysore, India is called “Mysore practice”. In these classes students practice in the room with the teacher but there is very little verbal instruction. Students are expected to have their sequence memorized. The teacher is available to give hands on assistance and advice, much like a private class in a group class situation. In week twelve of our Teacher Training we have begun studying how to assist with the hands as well as teaching with the voice.

Teaching with the voice is the more common way to conduct a class and certainly the most direct way to share information. Just as practicing the yoga postures is necessary in order to become proficient in their execution, so practice teaching with the voice is a necessary requirement in the training of a yoga instructor. Initially there is some hesitation, over time one develops confidence.

Here are some photos of our group in their practice.

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