Camp Far Horizons

At 7,200 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, Far Horizons is a camp established in the 1950’s by members of the Theosophical Society. The word “Camp” implies outdoors- close to nature-away from civilization. At Far Horizons there is no electricity, no cellular, no internet access, which means no Facebook!!  I can hear the gasps; for some of us this is beyond comprehension!

It is very necessary to slow down and to disconnect in order to reconnect with the rhythm of  Nature. In these photos I will introduce you to the camp. Please click back and forth for a larger view. In the coming weeks  I hope to share with you something of my journey as I rediscover  my connection to Spirit within Nature.

You are all welcome to visit me here at Camp.  For additional info, go to


Photo Captions:

Photo 1:  Welcome to Camp!
Photo 2:  Mountain Woman
Photo 3:  Outdoor Classroom
Photo 4:  Dining Hall
Photo 5:  My Cabin, note St Francis in the right foliage
Photo 6:  My luxury accommodations!
Photo 7:  Camp Director, Karla with husband Phil
Photo 8:  Creek bed hiking, watch out for mosquitoes!
Photo 9:  Civilization is 5 miles away, and yes, they have wireless.

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