On a Ranch in Wyoming

Here we are in July 2010. That means half way through the year! Where does the time go??

I have been lucky in securing a job on a Ranch in Wyoming. This is a part of the country I had never visited and therefore a deciding factor in my accepting the job. The DC Bar Guest Ranch is situated in the Bridger Wilderness of western Wyoming, 30 miles from the nearest town, and 80 miles from Jackson Hole. The Wilderness is in a huge valley at 8,500 feet altitude, surrounded on three sides by mountains; vast, desolate, and beautiful!

The Ranch offers various services to its clientele. There is a school to train persons to be Wilderness Guides enabling them to take guests on overnight camping trips in the mountains. For Ranch guests there is an on-site pond stocked with trout, horse back riding, and canoe trips down the nearby Green River. For more information on the Ranch visit their website http://www.bwo.com

My job title is that of housekeeper, consisting mainly of preparing cabins for arriving guests. As in any job of this nature there is the necessity to be flexible in duties which can also include meal prep, kitchen clean up, and grounds work. The hours allow for me to arise early and get in my yoga and meditation practices before breakfast. By day’s end there may be time for catch up with computer and Facebook, but often I find myself wanting to sit in the solitude and breathe. Air quality at its finest!

My intention is to post more info and photos from the Ranch and of my travels throughout Wyoming. Yellowstone National Park is a 3 hour drive from the Ranch and I will definitely visit there, although not during tourist season 🙂 . I welcome your comments and would love to hear from you all! What is your summer news?

Blessings for a safe and happy July 4th celebration!

One thought on “On a Ranch in Wyoming

  • Anne, You look happy and healthy and vibrant! What a great way to experience Wyoming! Things are going good here in San Diego, we are having mild weather with the start of summer, even out here in East County. I am looking forward to Bhakti fest in Sept! Many blessings to you. Glad you can write on Fb now and then. Love & Namaste, Helen 🙂


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