Welcome to Pinedale!

Wyoming is a beautiful and vast frontier. After living in metropolis areas for most of my life, it is different to be in a place where the nearest town is 36 miles away. That town is Pinedale, Wyoming which has a population of 1,400. Eighty miles to the west there is the ski resort of Jackson. To the east, it is 100 miles to the next town of Rock Springs. Yes, it is in the middle of the vast frontier!

In this post you can get a taste of the offerings of Pinedale. Surely it is a modern version of a Wild West town. Since I am only able to visit Pinedale on my days off from the Ranch, I feel certain it will satisfy my needs for civilization until my return to a larger city.

I hope your summer is fabulous! Possibly you can take the time to get to some vast open space for your own blessings from Nature. I send you all best wishes  and a hearty “Ye-Hay”!

Please click back and forth for a better view.

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