Adios to the Wild West

Wow!  Can you believe it is Thanksgiving week??  After 20 months of traveling I am thankful for the many blessings in my life that have enabled me the time and opportunity for a nomadic lifestyle. Observing life in other countries and in other parts of our great country has allowed me to consider modes of living that are very different from my own  (but certainly no less valid). With better understanding of the “other”, there may be the  possibility of increased communication between seemingly dissimilar points of view.

I have completed my seasonal work in Wyoming and would like to share some of the photos that I will take away as memories. This Wild West country is truly a wonderland of rugged natural beauty and freedom from the crowding of civilization. May everyone of you consider the blessings that make your life the fabulous and unique journey that it is!

Thanks for sharing my journey! Happy Thanksgiving!!

For a fuller view of the photos click back and forth.

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