Yellowstone !!

Autumn is here.  Happy Birthday month to you Libras and Scorpios!  As the leaves turn to gold and red, I have been secretly praying that global warming will save me from rumored harsh Wyoming weather. Luckily I have been relocated from an elevation of 8,400 feet down to 7,300 feet, and have been blessed with a living space that has electricity, running water, and a toilet. Ahhh, being thankful for the small things!

Here are some of my photographed memories of Yellowstone National Park.  I have always wanted to visit Yellowstone and due to its geographic isolation have never taken the opportunity. When the current job situation arose, the proximity to Yellowstone was a deciding factor in my coming to Wyoming. My wish is that many of you will have the opportunity to travel to Yellowstone and experience the awesome natural wonders it protects. I do recommend that if you make those plans try NOT to arrive during the summer months when traffic through the Park equates to gridlocked rush hour traffic. Buffaloes parked on the road (as you can see) are a serious road block! Still it is nice to know that many persons are traveling to experience the glories of  Nature’s bounty.

As this blog tends to “resize” the photos, please click the back and forth arrows for a better view. I hope to hear from some of you with your thoughts and memories of Yellowstone Park.  Happy Autumn!

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