Friends…..Along the Way

In the Far East there is an honored tradition whereby a wandering sadhu (one who is on a personal quest towards enlightenment) does not stay more than one or two days in the same location. This hopefully minimizes the development of attachment to people or places. As a modern traveling yogi, I have found that the attachments are there. The trick is to remain unattached to the attachments!

Traveling recently through San Diego and Texas I have been blessed to spend time with many friends and family members. In San Diego I had an opportunity to teach a workshop entitled ” The History of Yoga” for the Mystic Waters Kava Bar and Yoga Studio in North Park. Many thanks to Adesh Khalsa and the participants of her “Kundinyasa” Teacher Training.

In these photos you have a view of some of the personal attachments in my life. I feel tremendously blessed by the love of friends and family who allow me to skip in and out of their lives at sporadic intervals. As I sit here at the edge of a forest (one with internet connectivity!) and watch the baby squirrels at play, I am grateful to all of you who have taught me so much on this path of spiritual freedom. Wherever this note finds you, I am sure the blessings of the Universe are there. Please take the time to connect to them.


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