Experience Appalachia

The summer has flown by and we are well into autumn. An interesting aspect of my summer has been living without internet for nearly two months. I smile at the shudder of the I phone/Blackberry lovers. Here is living proof that it is possible to exist without technology. Such a life may be somewhat inconvenient ( a world without instant gratification?!), but it is still do-able. With that excuse, I will attempt to catch up on the events of my life during the technology down days.

Appalachia is a part of our country of which I had no prior experience. The forests are truly amazing! To imagine being some of the first settlers to arrive here, to clear and develop homesteads and become self sufficient?, these are truly humbling thoughts. The Foxfire Museum in Mountain City, GA has created a village of buildings from the 1700-1800’s which have been donated for the purpose of preservation. Located close to Black Rock Mtn. State Park, near the borders of South and North Carolina, the Foxfire is a worthwhile day adventure into Appalachian history.

Nearby in Tiger, GA  there is the local tourist attraction of “Goats on the Roof “. These photos do not show accurately that the goats are living on the roofs of these buildings. It is a clever way to attract families to pause during their road trips (Highway 441 out of Atlanta) and spend time with the goats. Fun!

When I accepted the job with Wildwater Rafting, I was pleasantly surprised to find I was 25 miles from a highly recognized yogi and meditation teacher, Roy E. Davis, http://www.csa-davis.org. During the months of my time in Long Creek, SC  I was able to participate in weekly meditation sessions/ lectures with this esteemed Jnana Yogi. He is one of the few remaining direct disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda. In the village of Lakemont, GA with nearby lakes and forests, I highly recommend this facility for a personal retreat or to deepen one’s own meditation practice. In my case, the Universe definitely provided a wonderful opportunity.

As always,  click on the photos and use the back arrow to navigate.  Next up… summer weddings!

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