India, to Know Her is to Love Her

In November 2016 I was fortunate to visit India on a fourth trip. I have always traveled to southern India, particularly Chennai, as it is the home of the International Theosophical Society where I do volunteer work. Southern India has also been the home of my late yoga teachers, TKV Desikachar and K Pattabhi Jois.

This trip was an ego cruncher in a BIG WAY.  The primary challenges included lost luggage (for 2 weeks!), a very devastating cyclone, demonetization of India currency (making it nearly impossible to change money) and destruction of my laptop (without a back-up, duh). Learning to live in the moment and accept what is presented.

The following photos are the few that survived my laptop accident. For a fuller view you can right click back and forth on the photos. I am so blessed to have the opportunities to travel and study in this field of yoga, meditation, and philosophy. Moving deeper into 2017, I am hopeful to begin sharing some of this wisdom in classroom settings. My wish is to meet all of you again soon in the near future.

Namaste Blessings

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