Chair Yoga in La Jolla

Happy Spring Break!

During 2000-2001 I offered a year long Yoga Teacher Training Course at my studios, the Ashtanga Yoga Centers of San Diego. My student and friend, Corie Seibert, was a graduate of that course. Here in 2018 I have been happy to help cover classes for Corie, who has worked as a full time yoga teacher in San Diego these many years.

Casa de Manana is a beautiful retirement community on the ocean front of the city of La Jolla. Chair Yoga, as with most yoga asana, involves stretching, breathing, and body focus techniques. Many persons in the senior population are dealing with joint and balance issues. Chair yoga offers supported stretches while still providing movement through an extended range of motion, and a perfect seque into group meditation practice.

It was a pleasure to make the acquaintance of the lovely group of yoga students at Casa de Manana. I will look forward to returning to the Casa when additional “subbing” is needed.


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