To Be or Not To Be… Chronic Pain

Dharma is a Sanskrit term that implies one’s path, one’s direction, the principles that uphold Life’s purpose. There is collective dharma and individual dharma. My personal dharma is linked to the path of Yoga. Asana is seen as a starting place on the Yoga path and my years as a Yoga Asana instructor have been fruitful and blessed. However as with any athletic endeavor (Ashtanga Vinyasa being an athletic asana style) repetitive stresses are known to wear on the body and joints. Such is my situation with teaching asana for 40 years, Ashtanga Vinyasa for 20 of those years. My left hip joint wore out.

This problem developed over a lengthy period of time during which I maintained some range of motion with a therapeutic yoga practice. However when bone hits bone (aka no cartilage) the pain is constant. In the past year it became obvious that a hip replacement would be necessary to see me into my senior years. I write this post in hopes that there will be others who are facing similar choices who may benefit from hearing my experience.

Any major surgery is scary, risky, and requires a lot of  commitment to the process. I have been very blessed to align with Dr. Michael Kimball and his team at Girard Orthopedic Surgeons. The surgery, the weeks of healing in hospital & rehab center and at home, the physical therapy both in home & clinical, have been tremendously successful. Modern medicine doing what it does best, using technology and science to facilitate healing.

My special thanks to San Diego friends, Nolan Thomas, Felicity & Matthew Taylor, Corie Seibert, and Louis & Aminta Haiman. Without their support this difficult process could not have been possible. The love and kindnesses from them and the hospital staff members has been unselfish and freely given.

These X-ray photos show the position of the prostheses. Bionic Woman indeed! Now in 2019 I am enjoying activities that for several years have been restricted.  In the words of Dr. Kimball, “It’s life changing!”

In all ways I am counting the Blessings. Namaste!



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