Meditation 101 at Shala Yoga

On Sunday August 27th I presented a public class for the Shala Yoga Studio in Spring Valley, east county San Diego. Meditation 101 is an introduction to some of the concepts and terms applicable to the practice of meditation. Due to a general misunderstanding of the practices, some persons are reluctant to try it. As with yoga exercise classes, there are various styles of meditation, and like yoga, one style may not fit all. The many benefits of meditation, both physiological and emotional, are well documented by research. With better understanding of the different techniques, everyone should have access to those benefits. Hence Meditation 101 !

Many thanks to Lisa Marchesini, Shala Yoga owner and director, for hosting the class. And to the beautiful, inquisitive group of participants! Here are a few photos. You can click on the shots for captions and a better view.

During this heat wave September 2017, stay cool in body and mind!


March Workshops in San Diego

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for the Feb. 25th Kava tasting! It is a wonderful development that there is now such widespread interest in yoga. In the following workshops I would like to bring to light some additional pertinent information about yoga practices.  It would be great to see you at one of them. Here are the fliers for the classes in San Diego. Please contact me if you need a scholarship or for more info at



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Developing a Personal Practice

On Saturday June 28,  I returned to Yoganic Studio to work with a group of friends and students in developing the theme of personal practice. One of my observations as an instructor and studio owner is that as our lives become busy with children, job, and social responsibilities, our yoga practice is often abandoned. If we change our definition of practice to include short sequences, or lifestyle routines, which include some breathing and moving, possibly we can find 5, 10, or 20 minutes a day to call yoga. By allowing ourselves to adapt our yoga to accommodate our lifestyles, there is the potential of maintaining consistency. Eventually we realize that the practice of yoga is the living of life, moment to moment and breath to breath.

Thank you to Yoganic Studio and to friends in San Diego!!

Personal Pr.