March Workshops in San Diego

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for the Feb. 25th Kava tasting! It is a wonderful development that there is now such widespread interest in yoga. In the following workshops I would like to bring to light some additional pertinent information about yoga practices.  It would be great to see you at one of them. Here are the fliers for the classes in San Diego. Please contact me if you need a scholarship or for more info at



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Developing a Personal Practice

On Saturday June 28,  I returned to Yoganic Studio to work with a group of friends and students in developing the theme of personal practice. One of my observations as an instructor and studio owner is that as our lives become busy with children, job, and social responsibilities, our yoga practice is often abandoned. If we change our definition of practice to include short sequences, or lifestyle routines, which include some breathing and moving, possibly we can find 5, 10, or 20 minutes a day to call yoga. By allowing ourselves to adapt our yoga to accommodate our lifestyles, there is the potential of maintaining consistency. Eventually we realize that the practice of yoga is the living of life, moment to moment and breath to breath.

Thank you to Yoganic Studio and to friends in San Diego!!

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Energy Anatomy Workshop

Energy Anatomy Workshop

In June, as part of our Teacher Training Intensive, we explored the topic, Energy Anatomy. The information was compiled from various sources mostly with origins in the Vedas (the ancient source texts of Indian philosophy). The Pranic Chakra and Nadi system of Yoga is similar to the Oriental Medicine depiction of Chi and Energy Meridians.

Koshas are a classification of the multi-dimensional attributes of the human being involving body, energy, mind, and spirit. A beautiful representation of the Kosha subdivisions can be seen in the artwork of Alex Grey, in his Sacred Mirrors exhibit.

The Vayus are the categories of Prana as it relates to certain bodily functions and activities. During pranayama (yogic breath work) a primary goal is to enhance the body`s energy reserves by breathing exercises.

These subjects which have been understood for hundreds of years by Yoga practitioners are slowly being acknowledged by Western thinkers. Gradually we are transitioning into an understanding of “metaphysics” and the potential of this wisdom to enhance our well-being and spiritual evolution.