Jumping into the Core

Early May in Atlanta, GA is such a beautiful time of year with the budding in the trees and the spring flowers. For those of us who live in California a thunderstorm is a rare treat indeed! Here at the Onlyoga Studio in midtown Atlanta I presented a workshop entitled, “Jumping into the Core”. Studio director, John Merideth, has brought together a group of dedicated and talented students under the wing of his tutelage, with an emphasis in the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. We spent an afternoon developing techniques to facilitate the jumping moves in Ashtanga Vinyasa and how these moves relate to core strength and the bandhas. Thanks to John for pulling all the strings necessary to bring us together, to Michaelyn for her help in demonstrations, and to all the lovely participants at the workshop. I would be honored to return to Onlyoga to work and play together with this group. When in Atlanta stop by Onlyoga for a great practice!

Please hover at the lower edge of the photos for a caption. For additional info go to www.onlyoga.com

Introduction to Viniyoga in Greenville,SC

On this beautiful May afternoon I had the opportunity to meet and work with the wonderful students at North Main Yoga Center in Greenville, SC. Studio directors, Brian and Liz Delaney, offered their space for an introductory workshop into the techniques of Viniyoga, the yoga of Krishnamacharya in his later life. One foundational aspect of this method is the use of dynamic stretching, moving into and out of a posture before holding the pose. As in other forms of Krishnamacharya`s work, there is emphasis on moving with the flow of the breath. The group did a fabulous job of connecting to the subtle work of the Viniyoga method. Thanks to Liz, Brian, and their group of hardworking students, many of whom will be teaching themselves very soon. I would hope to visit this lovely studio again! When in Greenville stop by and meet these yogis for some quality yoga practice. www.northmainyoga.com

Spring Workshops in the South

In early May I will be traveling to the Southeast to present workshops in Atlanta, GA and Greenville, SC. If any of you have yoga friends in these areas, please let them know about these classes. Here are the fliers detailing the events. You can click on them for a larger view. In Atlanta the contact address is http://www.onlyoga.com. In Greenville the contact info is http://www.northmainyoga.com It will be fun to see what`s happening with yoga in the South!

North Main Yoga Center OnlyYoga