Family Visiting in 2020, Emerald Isle, NC

2020, the year of big changes for all!  A very welcome change to my life in San Diego is the wonderful reduction of freeway traffic, most likely the result of working and schooling from home.  And for airport traffic? On a recent trip to visit family members in NC, I was relieved to find that social distancing and the increased travel restrictions have made for easier cross country travel. We have to look for the silver lining wherever we can!

Here are photos of a trip to Emerald Isle Beach, which is on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Two of my brothers and I had a nice reunion there. Fishing and barbecue are big past times!  I was also able to  visit with some of my in-law relatives who live and work near the Camp Lejeune Marine base in Jacksonville, NC. It has been some years since visiting any of my family, therefore once again, I am honoring the silver lining of the Covid-19 months. (You can hover over the photos for a caption.)

These are very uncertain times for everyone. If we can take a few moments to remember the suffering of everyone and “walk” in our neighbors shoes for a few steps, could we come closer to realizing the unity of the Global Human Family in which we reside? Many blessings for peace and safety to you all.


Covid 19 and the Summer in Sequoia

We are hurtling towards September and all that brings: harvest season, back to school, and in some latitudes, leaves beginning to turn. 2020 thus far has been a year of great challenges and there appears to be no end in sight. It is by challenges that we grow, learn, and hopefully evolve. Let us all work together as humankind to rise to these challenges with courage and compassion.

Much to reflect on concerning the Covid 19 pandemic, there are still so many questions?????  Personally I think Mother Nature Earth is giving humanity an extreme wake up call. Blessings and Love to all who have been so seriously affected by the ensuing tragedies. Can we remember to “Let Love Rule” in the face of such adversity?

Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks sit in the middle of CA due east of Fresno in the Sierra Nevada Mtns. Recently I journeyed to these parks to help at a Retreat Center in its preparation for the coming months with a bit of yearly maintenance. The following photos give a glimpse of some of the spectacular offerings of these parks. Since my phone camera is not the best, I can honestly say these photos do not give justice to the views. Please make the time to see these Parks for yourself! You can click on the photos for a full view.

Do Stay Safe and Trust, in the Love in your Heart.  Namaste

An Important Call for Growth

I am an avid student of astrology and follow several online astrologers. ALL of them, for the entire year of 2019, have discussed the upheavals of 2020. There is no way that anyone cannot have been affected by the events of the past months. What we should consider is how these events have positioned us to grow; personally, nationally and globally ???

As to the Covid-19 crisis, my heart and prayers go out to all who have been affected by this disaster. Those who have suffered loss, those who have worked tirelessly as supporters and responders, and indeed to everyone dealing with the lock down changes. I am blessed in my studies of varied philosophies and Eastern thought to have a solid relationship to the ideas concerning death, and do not fear that eventuality. I am likewise blessed to be free of the serious relationship attachments to which most people are committed. Having a physical body is a tremendous gift and should be respected for as long as possible. It is the vehicle of growth and evolution on this physical plane.

I was therefore not concerned to join this recent demonstration of solidarity concerning the GREATLY NEEDED awareness for social change in the United States. In the photos you can see how people were masked and following distance protocols by and large. The event was peaceful, inspiring to the hundreds of people who attended and watched, and organized with the awareness of the local authorities. My favorite sentiment is the sign asking to “REDEFINE”.  Yes, we must WAKE UP, EVOLVE, REDEFINE and GROW, for the good of all humanity.

In the words of poet, Maya Angelou, “I believe that people have the ability to change. Therefore I have hope.” Hoping we can rise to the occasions of these destined challenges of 2020.