In Nature

The days of Summer are whizzing by!  I hear that summer has not yet fully arrived for some and for others that it has been a “real” heat wave. At 8,400 feet in the Wyoming wilderness, it is turning towards Autumn (already). My cabin has a wood stove and thankfully there is a good supply of fuel. Getting up at 5am in the cold is bracing for sure!

In these photos I have captured some of the local scenery and animal friends. I have developed a serious appreciation for the photographic talent necessary to get a really good “Animal in Nature” shot.  Rarely do they co-operate!  Recently I have taken to leaving bits of food for a visiting fox. If  luck is with me, I will have a photo of it soon.

Sending love and blessings to you all! I hope your Labor Day and the end of summer will be happy and fruitful.

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