Stehekin, Washington

August of 2014 finds me in the North Cascades National Park in central Washington State. Having never visited the Pacific Northwest,  I was excited to spend the summer on Lake Chelan, 180 miles east of Seattle and 85 miles from Canada. The village of Stehekin is 50 miles by boat from the nearest town. There is no wireless service and telephones are by satellite. Not conducive to blog posting!

Here are a few shots of Stehekin, breathtakingly beautiful! However, full coverage will need to come at a later date when access to the internet is more dependable.

Best Wishes for many beautiful days to round out your summer. Life is to be lived!


Spring! I am on the road in California re-connecting to friends and loved ones along the way. After months of snow and freezing temperatures in the Rockies, the beauty and warmth of spring is pleasurable indeed!

Sacramento is the capital city of California. Affectionately known as the River City, it was founded at the confluence of three rivers, the Sacramento, the American, and the San Joaquin. I recently spent four lovely days with friends Karla and Phil LaZier in “Sac”. The following photos document an afternoon’s outing on the Sacramento River.

In the Gold Rush years of the 1850’s, river boats were a primary means of transportation between Sacramento and the Pacific Coast via San Francisco. Today the Sacramento River Delta is the shipping and rail center for the Sacramento Valley, an important center of national food production. This afternoon river outing only covers 4-5 miles of river front, but you see within this mileage several old and famous bridges; a fun way to spend a glorious spring day in Northern California!

I hope spring 2014 finds you well and happy. My summer adventures will include the “wilds” of Washington State. Stay tuned!



Vail, Colorado, A Winter Wonder Land

2014 finds me living in the Rocky Mountain village of Vail, Colorado. As a resident of sunny southern California for many years, the abundance of snow and the lifestyle associated with winter sports is a revelation in human ingenuity and adaptability.  With a winter total thus far of 17 feet, there is a whole new meaning to the lyrics of the song, “Let It Snow” !

Vail and the nearby village of Avon- Beaver Creek were created as winter sports playgrounds. The snow is an amazing soft fluffy powder that is irresistible, the country side indeed a sparkling world of iridescent white.  My appreciation of the necessary techniques of a good photographer who is in the right place at the right time with the proper lighting and equipment continues to grow. These photos represent only a fraction of the surrounding beauty. For a better view, right click on the photo and back arrow to return to the blog.

The system of snow removal that allows people to continue their daily lives is impressive. I must admit that the almost daily ritual of shoveling my parking space has rapidly lost a sense of play!  But there is time for play with snowshoeing and rides on the ski lifts. My wish for you all; wherever and whatever this new year brings it will include health and happiness, prosperity and peace of spirit.

Blessings and Love in 2014!