Vail, Colorado, A Winter Wonder Land

2014 finds me living in the Rocky Mountain village of Vail, Colorado. As a resident of sunny southern California for many years, the abundance of snow and the lifestyle associated with winter sports is a revelation in human ingenuity and adaptability.  With a winter total thus far of 17 feet, there is a whole new meaning to the lyrics of the song, “Let It Snow” !

Vail and the nearby village of Avon- Beaver Creek were created as winter sports playgrounds. The snow is an amazing soft fluffy powder that is irresistible, the country side indeed a sparkling world of iridescent white.  My appreciation of the necessary techniques of a good photographer who is in the right place at the right time with the proper lighting and equipment continues to grow. These photos represent only a fraction of the surrounding beauty. For a better view, right click on the photo and back arrow to return to the blog.

The system of snow removal that allows people to continue their daily lives is impressive. I must admit that the almost daily ritual of shoveling my parking space has rapidly lost a sense of play!  But there is time for play with snowshoeing and rides on the ski lifts. My wish for you all; wherever and whatever this new year brings it will include health and happiness, prosperity and peace of spirit.

Blessings and Love in 2014!

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